DTREDS' business philosophy is to understand the customer's specific needs and to formulate a practical, unique and effective solution to meet those needs. With constant investment and training in our staff, DTREDS provides promising career opportunities for the service men and women of our country. DTREDS is able to deliver the highest quality service to fit any budget with our highly skilled, and experienced personnel. The agility and multi-talented workforce of DTREDS allows us to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.


By employing skilled tradesmen, DTREDS strives to provide exemplary service to public and private sectors in Engineering and Installation (E&I) of information technology systems and critical infrastructure. With centralized control and decentralized execution, DTREDS utilizes both military and commercially trained craftsman to deliver the best value to the client.


Integrity First

DTREDS believes it is essential that honesty and reliability are built into every job.

Performance Accountability

Every DTREDS employee is accountable for on-time, high quality and under-budget project delivery.

Excellence in All We Do

From proposal submission through project execution, DTREDS is committed to excellence in everything we do.